Vender Registration

Please click on Below link for Vender Registration:

      1.        Request for registration can be considered only for items used for    all services

2.       The vendor shall be Direct Manufacturer OR an Authorized Agent / Distributor / Dealer of reputed manufacturers with the authorization letter from the Principals.

3.      Only in the absence of any authorized agent / distributor, general dealers will  be considered for release of enquiry.

3.1  Such dealers must be an authorized dealer of at least one         manufacturer approved by administrator. Such general dealers shall not be considered for routine bulk enquirers, except for small quantity, obsolete and hard to find items.

4.    The vendor should have a good financial back up and also supply references of reputed customers in public sector, large scale companies / organizations. 

5.      Approval shall be granted only after studying VEQ (Vendor Evaluation Questionnaire).   Sample evaluation may also be carried out, if required, for which supplier shall supply free samples.

6.    Foreign vendors may be considered for registration based on their reputation and scrutiny of data available like technical spec, company profile, quality info., etc.

 8.         The vendor shall preferably have an office in all over.